Why you should choose Cantilever Racking Systems?


Are you in an industry that requires long, heavy items to be stored? If so, then cantilever racking systems may be the perect option for you.


Cantilever racking systems are constructed using a series of single columns that include outstretched arms and durable bases. The bases are meant to create a sort of shelving system for long, bulky or awkwardly shaped items that can easily be loaded. One of the best aspects of the arms of cantilever racks is that they are adjustable to different levels, providing you with the ability to store various product sizes.

On the other hand, traditional pallet racking has horizontal restrictions, whereas cantilever racking systems do not. This implies that there are no horizontal beams that get in the way during loading and unloading of your goods and equipment. What makes cantilever great as a storage system, especially for items of varying lengths, weights and widths, is that its entire length can be used.


Also, another aspect of cantilever racking systems that make them superior to traditional pallet racks is the lack of vertical and horizontal restrictions. You don’t have to worry about damaging your products during storing, loading or unloading. Cantilever racks are designed to be open and flexible, which decreases the incidence of damaged goods.


Ultimately, these racking systems can be utilized both in and outdoors. Depending on where you use the racks, the structure can be composed of galvanized steel for weather resistance.

There are two types of cantilever racks. Depending on your industry, either option may be a better fit for you. Either way, each of these systems is designed with heavy-duty material, are sturdy and meant to hold large and elongated products.





Roll-formed cantilever rack


– Designed to store a variety of products and equipment

– A high capacity, multi-level structure made from heavy gauge roll-formed steel

– No interference from upright columns

– Easy placement and removal

– Provides access to one section of a product or an entire load at any time

– Consists of 5 basic elements: columns, bases, braces, arms and pins


Structural cantilever racks


– Made from structural steel I-Beams

– Arms are connected to columns using a solid 4-bolt attachment

– Made for medium to heavy-duty loads

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