Why you should choose universal storage systems for all your shelving needs


Many commercial and industrial enterprises use a warehouse as a central operations and distribution point. Effective warehouse space planning is crucial to ensure smooth work-flow, as well as saving on costs and boosting productivity. At Universal Storage Systems, we help clients with all their shelving needs to optimize their warehousing facilities.


Optimizing your shelving needs


We help our customers choose the types of shelving and racking that best suit the needs of their warehouse operations. There is a wide variety of heavy and light duty shelving available, which can be purchased new or second hand. Common types include rivet, wire and steel shelving. Pallet racking also comes in a range of sizes and systems. Shelving and racking form the skeleton of a warehouse and are at the core of its organization.


Maximize use of vertical space


We can extend shelving and racking systems vertically to use as as much of the available vertical space as possible, thereby freeing up floor space. Racks can be built into an overhead tunnel or over-dock formations. Also, mezzanine levels can be built in the warehouse: although these can be expensive, and do reduce the flexibility of the workspace.


All inventory has to be carefully labeled, and at Universal Storage Systems, we also label shelves and racks, and similar stock grouped for ease of access. Regular checks should be performed, and outdated or very slow-moving stock cleared or moved out of the warehouse.

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