With our specially made Universal Uni- range we ensure that your storage systems are cost-effective, value engineered, of the highest consistent quality and proven durability to optimize your storage capacity.
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With our specially made Universal Uni - range we ensure that your storage systems are cost effective, value engineered, of the highest consistent quality and proven durability to optimize your storage capacity.
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Mezzanine flooring is easily moved and transferred to suit your storage needs as they change or even should you move warehouses. Utilizing a Mezzanine floor will lead to far better efficiency and work flow as you organised your storage or work spaces more effectively.
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-No more waiting for the fire guys to finish installing before you can store your goods. We finish the sprinkler installation as soon as the racking is done! -Short lead times -No more on site painting and manufacturing – No more mess! Our pipes and fittings are epoxy coated for a long-lasting perfect finish!
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The first clad rack building locally designed, engineered and manufactured is shooting up in Limbro Park, Johannesburg and attracting considerable attention. The Universal Storage Systems project was commissioned by UTI Pharma in conjunction with LGA Logistic’s Consultants and will be for the storage of pharmaceuticals. When completed the clad rack building, just off London Rd, will be 138 m long, 45 m wide and 31,5 m high, and it will hold more than 38 000 pallets.
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Welcome to Universal Storage SYSTEMS

Find all your steel racking, shelving, mezzanine floors and in-rack sprinklers


Universal Storage Systems, Africa’s leading manufacturer of industrial racking and shelving, markets a range of warehousing and storage products, and systems. The company, through the use of its own research, technology and highly trained personnel, plus access through international relationships, has a reputation for being able to find solutions to most storage challenges. Serving the Republic through a network of company branches and distributors, Universal Storage Systems has developed a reputation for excellence in South Africa.

Today, more than ever before, the demands on efficient material logistics, optimal use of space, maximum flexibility in locating, storing and retrieving stock, continuously push warehousing solutions to new frontiers. Universal Storage Systems has not only recognized the increased expectations placed by its client’s markets onto the shelving and racking industry, but has focused its Engineering and Quality Departments on developing new and improved technical solutions which meet and exceed these demands.


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