Racking Solutions

Maximize your storage capacity, save money by allowing us to customize a more effective storage solution for your business.

With our specially made Universal Uni- range we ensure that your storage systems are cost effective, value engineered, of the highest consistent quality and proven durability to optimize your storage capacity. Industrial Racking Range:
  • Adjustable Pallet Racking (Uni-Rack)
  • Cantilever Racking (Uni-Canti)
  • Carton Flow Racking (Uni-Carton Flow)
  • Drive-in, Drive through racking (Uni-Drive)
  • Light Duty racking (Uni-Light)
  • Pushback Pallet Racking (Uni-Pushback)
Why spend more money on increasing your warehouses square footage when you could be making use of the wasted space vertical space which is already in your warehouse. By adding the correct racking system, you could double and sometimes even triple the storage capacity within your warehouse.


Adjustable pallet racking is one of the most widely used types of pallet racking in South Africa, thanks to its versatility and cost-efficiency.

These high-density racking systems allow for storage of up to 11 m in height, thereby maximizing the use of available space. They also make it possible to implement wither batch FIFO (First in,first out), or LIFO (Last in, first out) operation.

Also known as selective pallet racking systems, they are used for light to extra heavy-duty storage, and can be used with pallets, timber decks, steel decks or steel still-ages.


Easy to assemble with great flexibility. Also known as Long Span Shelving, Uni-Light duty racking will give you the storage space you are looking for.

Long span shelving is one of the most popular kind of light duty racking available, as it is quick to assemble, and no special tools are required to do so. Within minutes, users are able to expand their storage capacity therefore enjoying greater flexibility and  higher storage density.


High density pallet racking increases the number of storage positions in a warehouse, by utilizing depth to boost the capacity of the storage space. Universal Storage Systems’ high-density pallet racking is custom designed to meet the requirements of clients’ specific storage areas, be they compact or large, to ensure that their racking systems make the best possible use of the space available.

High density racking systems include various types of storage solutions, including drive-in, drive-through and open-faced racking systems. They can work on either a LIFO or FIFO storage method, depending on the specific requirements of the warehouse in question.


Cantilever racking is the optimal storage system for mixed loads, providing a safe and highly stable racking solution for oversized, long or bulky goods. Cantilever racking is designed to maximize storage space while facilitating easy access to loads, and can be used in single and double-sided configurations depending on clients’ specific storage

Requirements: Cantilever racking is both affordable and highly versatile, as it offers low cost per pick, as well as the option of storing both large and small items within the same system. Light to heavy duty systems are available.


Pushback pallet racking is an accumulative storage system that facilitates storage of up to 5-pallets deep per level. They are high density storage systems that increase pick rates and offer up to 90% more storage than selective rack systems. 

Pushback racking systems make optimal use of available space by stacking pallets on top of each other. Except for the pallet on the top level, all other pallets are placed on a set of trolleys, which are pushed along rolling rails. 

When one pallet is removed, the next simply rolls to The front for easy removal. The interlocking carts help to minimize costly product damage or jamming, and because each level is independently accessible, different goods can.


Increase your picking are and boost productivity with U.S.S carton flow Racking systems. These gravity-fed flow racks are ideally suited to warehouses, retail and distribution centers, and require significantly less space that static racking.

Flow racks work on a first-in, first -out principle, and are re-stocked from the back aisle. This makes it easy to select products and pick boxes, cartons or bins from the front Flow racks are an excellent option in any warehouse where picking is required, or where items need to be placed on conveyors.