UNI-Rack Sprinkler systems

UNI-Rack Sprinkler Systems

The Pre-Designed Sprinkler Sprayer System is a “Plug and Play” system that requires no specialist manufacturing operations such as drilling, welding, corrosion prevention and/or painting as the system is a Bolt together type system that assembles quicker and easier.

Uni-Rack Sprinkler Systems USS in conjunction with WhipFire present you the all new ReadyRack in rack sprinkler system!
  • SA’s first pre-manufactured in rack sprinkler system which is FM, UL, CE and ASIB approved
  • No more waiting for the fire guys to finish installing before you can store your goods. We finish the sprinkler installation as soon as the racking is done!
  • Short lead times
  • No more on site painting and manufacturing – No more mess! Our pipes and fittings are epoxy coated for a long lasting perfect finish!
  • Fits all racking and shelving layouts
  • All pipes come with pressure test certification
  • All installations are batch coded for quality assurance
  • Qualified professional teams are ready to design and install