A space for every item.
The ideal small parts solution. Bolted Steel Shelving.

U.S.S offers a range of bolted steel shelving solutions that are custom-installed for clients’ small-parts storage requirements.
Steel shelving is a versatile and cost-effective means of Storage space. Moreover, steel shelving can be easily relocated
whenever necessary.
Our shelving systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit clients’ storage requirements, and can be quickly and simply installed in warehouses, offices, retail stores and in the home
U.S.S bolted steel shelving solutions are ideal for small parts, spares, back-up stores, archives and for domestic use.
  • Static Open Shelving Units
  • Static Clad Shelving Units
  • Mobile Open Shelving Units
  • Mobile Clad Shelving Units
  • Multi – Tier Shelving Systems
  • Small – Parts Storage Systems
  • Raised Storage Areas

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