Steel Shelving vs Plastic Shelving


Universal Storage Systems incorporates specialised storage systems that are cost-effective, value engineered of the highest quality to optimize storage capacity.

Steel Shelving has the capabilities to withstand harsh weather conditions and the capacity to hold large quantities.

Plastic Shelving is made up of shelving that is quite similar to metal and aluminium design shelves. The plastic shelving is also supported by columns and shelves. The advantages of plastic shelving are that it can be configured according to space, height and width requirements. The components of the plastic shelves are easily dismantled.

Both plastic and steel shelves can be modified in order to last longer. For example, plastic shelves can be enhanced through different oil and water-based paints. Steel and aluminium shelves can be galvanised in order to resist corrosion and rust.

There are also different types of shelving systems that can be applied in different scenarios. This can include bookshelves, door shelving that can hang over the top of a door by taking advantage of the space behind the door as well as wire shelving with supporting components such as the base of the support columns and axles to support the foundation of the structure.

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