The difference between mobile open shelving units and mobile clad shelving units


Shelving is an important element for any storage. The key is to use the most suitable shelving for your storage. Mobile units allow the storage to be moved to its necessary space. Open and clad shelving units are two types of shelving units that can be used for storage. Here are the differences in mobile open and clad shelving units:

Mobile Open Shelving

Open shelving looks like a cabinet, but with no doors. It is commonly used in new kitchen designs to create a modern and sophisticated feel. It is sectionalised into shelves and allows easy access to items. It is a great way to display whatever is on the shelves such as books, files or crockery. Mobile open shelving units are a good fit for any office or home environment and can easily be moved to a new area if need be. It is more costly, but is more appearance orientated.

Mobile Clad Shelving

Clad shelving is commonly used for storage because it is practical and neat. The clad shelving is made up of racking for the structure and cladding for the shelves. These mobile clad shelves are less for appearance and more for efficiency. This type of shelving is cost effective and easy to install. Mobile clad shelving allows for optimal storage of all types of items such as medicines. It is adaptable as the mobile clad shelving can be extended and relocated.

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