Why the rack sprinkler system is the best in South Africa


Warehouse fires are very aggressive: spread quickly and can cause a great deal of damage in a short period of time. This is especially true when it comes to fire commodities such as flammable liquids, paper, and plastic materials at risk. Rack is designed in fire sprinkler systems designed to protect storage areas in warehouses.


Rack sprinkler systems are specifically designed for the protection of racked storage areas, in-rack sprinkler systems are manufactured to continuously monitor for smoke and release water into a targeted area to maximize damage and downtime for the facility. Detectors are placed within close proximity to stored materials and equipment for the quickest possible response in the event of a fire. This is perfect for facilities that use large industrial shelving because it ensures that fires that begin in the middle of the rack can be extinguished before consuming surrounding materials on adjacent shelves or racks.

Although rack sprinkler systems cannot prevent fires, they can contain the fire to a specific area and extinguish it within a short period of time. The sprinklers are installed along a network of piping secured within the rack storage structure for adequate protection throughout the entire storage area. These types of fire suppression systems are utilized extensively in rack structures that are automated and use mechanized picking equipment controlled by a computer for loading and unloading material.

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